"The Zeus is named such because of its advanced electrical assault rifle. Occasionally it will overcharge and release a burst of lightning on its target"

The Zeus is an indispensable unit to the mechanical army. It has a pretty decent attack, but with it's abilities and relatively low health, it is considered more of a support character. The Zeus is meant to be put behind the main line while its debuff wreaks havoc

Tier 1 Tower/Fighter

upgraded from an Infantry

140 minerals / 1 population


Armor Type: Light

Damage Type: Piercing

HP 450
Damage 24-29
Attack Speed .25
Attack Range 8
Energy 10


Psychotic Surge: Attacks by this unit make the enemy take +15% damage from all sources. Stacks with other Zeus's ability (Max of 3)

Power Surge: Zues infuses his weapon with lightning dealing an additional 45 damage for 10 energy. With each attack Zeus gains 1 energy (At .25 attack speed thats an extra 45 damage every 2.5 seconds)