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Sylphy Edit

Use 6 base units and combine 2 of them to form a variety of units.

Racial Abilities

Hierarchy - Sylphy units follow a strict hierarchy. One Unit cannot merge with another unit that is under or above by two tiers.

Spoils of War - You permanently gain 1 supply at the end of each turn.

List of Towers Edit

  1. Prawn
  2. Apprentice
  3. Lieutenant
  4. Earl
  5. Artisan
  6. Warlord


Prawn + Prawn = Manumissioneer 

Prawn + Apprentice = Cleaver

Prawn + Lieutenant = Producer

Apprentice + Apprentice = Obsidia

Apprentice + Lieutenant = Damis

Apprentice + Earl = Blue

Lieutentant + Lieutenant = tank

Lieutenant + Earl = Nonag

Lieutenant + Artisan =

Earl + Earl = Hadron

Earl + Artisan = Anwar

Earl + Warlord = Conductor

Artisan + Artisan = Fallen Angel

Artisan + Warlord = Kullervo

Warlord + Warlord = Composer

Tips and Tricks Edit

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