Overview Edit

Soul builder is one of the most popular and powerful builders used on the ladder, due to very effective builds that have been published online. It focuses on use of the Essence/Runeguard for melee and Flux/Stahrry for ranged attack. Netherlord and Nethermaster also build on the strength of the Essence/Runeguard and support the builder in the mid-game.

List of Towers Edit

Essence > Runeguard

Flux > Stahrry

Craggy > Lord Kaiser

Netherlord / Nethermaster

Shadow Fist > something

Teeter > Heisendonger

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • Lining up many Flux/Stahrry works incredibly well at all rounds because of their ability that makes opponents miss, thus making enemies harmless for 2 second intervals
  • A front line of Essence/Runeguard is effective at tanking until perhaps past round 20, at which point they melt very quickly
  • Netherlord is a must have to compliment Essence/Runeguard because of its ability; Nethermaster also very effective
  • At end game spam highest tier unit and its upgrade

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