A builder focused on life stealing and minion spawning. The racial allows any unit that dies to respawn as a Bone Warrior (except bone warriors themselves).

List of TowersEdit

  1. Bone Warrior>Skeletor or Fire Archer or Dark Mage
  2. Carrion Spitter>Nightcrawler
  3. Gateguard>Harbinger
  4. Bone Overseer>Keeper of Souls
  5. Nightmare>Doppelganger
  6. Lord of Death>Hades

Tips and TricksEdit

  • One of the more common opening builds for Shadow is 3 bone warriors, though it's succeptable to a roach or marine. Building them further back allows them to be much safer.
  • Fire archers are great, but they are the definition of a glass cannon. They are best used in conjunction with a suitable front line.