Mode SelectionsEdit

There are currently 5 total selectable modes in Squadron tower defense. With the exception of Arcade Mode, all modes require majority vote to pass. Players may vote for only 1 of the 3 game modes (Classic, Chaos, or Chaos Refined), in conjunction with the other mode preferences. They are as follows:

  • Arcade Mode - Players may only choose one of the preset builders (no custom) and stats and experience are not saved. Does NOT require a majority vote, and only personally affects the voting player.
  • Classic mode - Each player chooses a builder at the start, to be used for the duration of the whole game. This mode is optioned by default.
  • Chaos mode - Each player is given a random, preset, builder at the start of each round. Unlike the Chaos Builder available in Classic Mode, the different builders come with their unique racial passive active.
  • Chaos Refined mode - All players are given the same random, preset, builder, along with their racial passive active, at the start of each round.
  • Three Ex mode - Also known as 3x, in contrast to 1x mode, the waves spawn 3 times as many creeps (excluding sends). To compensate, players start the game with twice the minerals, and an extra 5 supply.
  • Veteran mode - When enabled, creeps with grow stronger than usual with each wave. The refinery's gas production rate is also sped up by 50%, allowing for more sends to be sent or received.
  • Reflex - Units sent from the Barracks/Spawning Pool and Factory attack the sending player with the incoming wave. This mode is only available in single player.

Discontinued Modes:

  • Mastermind - Fog of war clouds the opposing team. Visibility of the middle lane and king is given if a creep is leaked to the middle lane.
  • Defense Only - No income is awarded.
  • Solo - Creep that passes the blue line at the end of a player's lane give no minerals.
  • Gas Cap - The amount of gas a player can have at the end of each round is capped at a set amount. This mode is currently set on by default, and no longer a votable option.
Wave 1-10: 10*Wave+40
Wave 11-20: 20*Wave+80
Wave 21-30: 30*Wave+160
Wave 31: None