Playing 'Hybrid' means creating both D (towers) and econ (Workers and worker speed). It requires planning and preparation, and more than likely a lot of trial and error. The main points of focus are:

  • Not leaking
  • Minimizing amount spent on towers
  • Getting early econ
  • Maintain econ progression throughout the game

It may seem like a tall order to do all these things, but it's arguably the strongest playstyle if done properly. Don't get down if you leak the first few times attempting a hybrid build, just adjust and try again.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Pay attention to the damage and armor types of your army and upcoming waves. Seeing when your units will be strong against a wave can help you decide when to make a worker or save!
  • The positioning of your units can make or break your build when you are running heavy econ. Find ways to place your units to optomize pathing to the enemy. Nobody like a soldier running around on the back lines.
  • If you're working on a new build and you start leaking, DON'T keep making workers. Stabilize then continue.
  • Anticipate average sends each round. For example, you wouldn't expect a Marauder round 4, but it's a strong possibility you'll see one round 7.
  • The earlier you get your economy rolling, the better. The cumulative nature of income makes it very strong when started early.