Archon SC2 Rend2
The Elemental consists of Damage Per Second and Tank Towers. Elemental operates by taking out the creeps quickly to reduce incoming damage. Several of Elemental's tanking towers can be used to take alot of damage from even allies' lane.

Builder perk - Static Discharge: Every time every one of your units is hit by an attack, it gets a static charge, reducing damage taken by 1.5%. Stacks up to 10 times. An attack made against a unit with 10 stacks will remove all stacks and give nearby units 5% of their maximum energy. Every time one of your units performs an attack, it steals 1% of Damage Dealt as Energy.

List of TowersEdit

  1. Proton>Adept
  2. Aqua Spirit> Oceanus
  3. Watcher>Violet
  4. Mudman>Golem
  5. Disciple>Messiah
  6. Seer of Darkness>Fenix

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Combine Messiahs with other Adepts, Disciples, Messiahs, Seer of Darkness, Fenix and other towers that use energy.
  • Increase Seer of Darkness and Fenix Survivability with Messiahs