Queen SC2 DevRend2


A high health, low damage builder that specializes in buffs and debuffs. It's racial ability is Toxic Blood. Whenever a beast unit is damaged, the attacking mob recieves 1% of it's health back in damage.

List of TowersEdit

  1. Zergling Warrior>Zergling Savage
  2. Aberration Basher>Aberration Pulverizer
  3. Harpy>Medusa
  4. Roach Fighter>Roach Champion
  5. Grizzly>Greymane
  6. Spawn of Dragon>Dragon Aspect

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Beast units, as a generality, are weak vs magic damage and ranged waves, though strong vs mechanical and armored units. Manage your economy keeping this in mind.
  • Beast builds are not suited for the subsequent rounds of 31. As such, it's advised to do your best to end the game before then.
  • Medusa can poison only 2 targets at once, but can have multiple units poisoned at a time.
  • Greymane aura stacks up to three times, for a total of 27% increased damage.